Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On My New Year's Resolution

After Christmas comes our hopes, desires and plans for the next year. Although not every one is into writing down their life-story, there is a part in all of us to resolve issues that we have had in the passing year. This I understand to be drawn from our construct of constancy of change and motivation to be a better person.

I have always thought of quitting smoking as a new year's resolution.Yet, I have never resolved that issue. Maybe because I don't take the sense of having a new year's resolution seriously. Another concern that I would like to be resolved is over-expenditures.

We usually keep our wishes for the coming year with a prayer of hope and faith, that in God's will things will fall into place. However, just thinking about what we wanted to be improved in our lives would not really work well without our commitment and action.

The commitment to change begins in introspection. That is taking time to evaluate your self, your thoughts and your actions in the time that has passed. This is like self-management. The first step is to evaluate your self in all its aspects if possible.

Next is to level up that reflection a bit by examining what caused those failures you may have had. Those causes must be resolved to find a resolution to your concerns. Let's say you are not so punctual. You can make your resolution and tell yourself you will be punctual. But the thing is, have you ever considered what makes you late? You could think that the problem is you wake up late, but have you thought of the reason why do you wake up late? Perhaps, you sleep late and spend a lot of time doing things that are not necessary.So, the resolution must address what really causes the problem and not the problem in the surface. That is the third step to making workable resolutions.

The last step would be the action. The resolution to your personal problems will demand actions. These should be workable, to be done. Don't just say to yourself what you want, but mean it upon determining what you can do. Believe that you can do it and do it. When all these have been clear to you, reexamine them as to how they may affect others or what will be the repercussions of those actions. Remember that you are not all alone in your life, and so you should make sure that your commitment into actions should also benefit those people around you who are most valuable to you.

No one is perfect, we all have personal issues to resolve and it is necessary that we take the step to coming up with what will resolve our issues. So what is my new year's resolutions? Let me go over to my life-vision mission I wrote 5 years ago,and reflect on the passing year, for me to write those resolutions down just yet.


skysenshi said...

Enter this post into my contest. LOL. I was asking for New Years resolutions eh (people get a chance to win a Navi planner). I've been looking for answers like this...yung may depth.

Rod Rivera said...

how do i enter your contest?

skysenshi said...

Mygosh, been going through the contest entries, marami rami na ring malalam na sagot. Magpapa-vote na ako sa dalawa kong co-judges. Haha!