Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Persistence is the unfailing spirit of man to reach his goals. It is the willingness to succeed and gain victories amidst trials and tribulations. Not everyone though has the persistence to endure.

Persistent is a man whose heart is full of hope and trust. A man endures and overcomes with persistence. Persistence comes with faith, and those who endure are strong in faith. This faith is not only that of coming from himself but that which is faith in the Divine.

We all fall, falter and fail. If we can not stand up from our fall, then we can not gain strength from enduring. Without faith, we cannot endure and we cannot overcome or prevent failure. When we keep on failing, we might fall in the trap of no longer persisting to succeed.

He who is full of hope, never fails anyone who trusts Him. He pours out persistence to the weary-hearted and guides them to His glory. We can only trust in Him whose hope never fails.

There is nothing too difficult to accomplish in life. There is no problem unresolvable. There is noting impossible for everything is possible in our perfector of faith. I can say this boldy, because my life is living witness to this certainty that comes in faith.

There is a saying that the body is weak but the Spirit is strong. It is definite the the body which is formed from dust is weak. It's very nature will not last. But it is that Spirit which resides in the body that makes our spirit strong. We should then let the Spirit takeover our body to give it strength and endurance to persist in faith.

Today is Ash Wednesday, it is a symbolic ritual to remind us of where we came from. From dust we were, from dust we shall be. But that is just about our physical body. We should see as we belieive that we are brought to life from the dust with God's breath of His Spirit. Without his Spirit and our faith in Him, we can not persist.

Hence, we can endure all this world's troubles in faith, if the latter persists in our hearts and minds, and in our words and deeds.


Mohammad said...

Hi Rod
i used the 'persistence' image in here
Hope it is OK!

Rod Rivera said...

mohammad, i got online too, I have the same hope it was ok... but you have my permission anyway, as per open source principle.